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Keys to Sustainable Joy

Is it possible to find JOY that will sustain you through difficulties?

Don't miss this opportunity to join hundreds of others who have learned the


Here's just one of the many success stories with Claudia...

Hi Claudia! I am not kidding…I was set free in a huge way after our session! My husband has made numerous comments about a boldness and joy that is noticeably more pronounced! Thank you!”

Cheryl B.

If you can't feel JOY when the world around you is in chaos–then you need this FREE Challenge 

Do you feel more FEAR than JOY? 

Is our rapidly-changing world making you feel HOPELESS? CONFUSED?

Have you lost your PEACE?

When ANGER rises up within you, do you know how to find JOY instead?

Are you struggling to hear the VOICE of GOD when everything else is so LOUD?

Does filling your PAIN with "happy" leave you EMPTY?

Do you know how to find JOY in the midst of PAIN, ANGER, or SHAME?

Connection with Holy Spirit leads to Sustainable JOY.

Do you know the quickest way to true JOY?

... it's through your personal and intimate connection with

the Joy-Giver, Holy Spirit!

Do you know that creativity will connect you with Holy Spirit? 

Do you know that Jesus is always eager to speak with you? a 2-way conversation?


If JOY is a feeling that brings PEACE

...Is JOY really sustainable?

Can you have Peace even in chaos?


You can have true JOY and PEACE in the midst of difficulties, pain, confusion, and even world chaos!

I Know the Keys to Unlock Your Connection with the JOY Giver

    ✔️  Do you question if you really hear God? 

    ✔️  Do you know when it’s God’s voice?

    ✔️  Do you know the hunger for JOY is really a hunger to grow in intimacy with God?

    ✔️  Would you like to meet the JOY-Giver in a new way?

    ✔️  Are you ready to discover the keys to find JOY that is sustainable even in chaos?

My dear Claudia. This class was exceptional. I've been doing lots of various zoom classes and this one was incredible. You are an amazing woman. I love how you lead. The speakers were great. The art was meaningful.

- Mary Joy

YES, I want to hear God's voice and grow in intimacy with Him!

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Your Guide on the Journey: Claudia Klann


I was only 40 when a friend asked me to meet with her adult daughter to help her understand herself from God’s view. That launched my calling to help others become who Jesus already sees them as — vibrant, thriving, Kingdom believers fulfilling their own destiny.

Now, as a Professional Christian Life Coach and experienced heart healing minister, I have helped hundreds of men and women all over the world overcome blockages to discover a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus.

The Right Brain Method allows you to create an intimate connection with Holy Spirit by awakening the right cerebral cortex of the brain to easily connect with Jesus to see and hear Him. 

Creativity is the quickest way to activate the right hemisphere of your brain - which becomes the quickest Path to God. Let me show you how to discover His great love for you!

What others have been saying:

Lizzy joined Keys to Sustainable Joy in February 2021!

Listen to Sue's feelings about joining Keys to Sustainable Joy!

What Does Claudia's Coaching Client Think?

Listen to long-time coaching client Alicia share her experience working with Claudia

Stephanie Richardson 's Testimony...

Comment from Keys to Sustainable Joy Zoom Chat

Nano Da Silva  · 45:16I keep getting drawn back. Every guest hits the mark with what is going on in my own heart. Wow. Thank you again...

Hear what Linda has to say…

Listen to Jody’s breakthrough…

“It was such a privilege to have Claudia come alongside and steer me in a season of uncertainty. Her wisdom, sensitivity, ability to lovingly speak truth and to see what I couldn’t see in me were key to me being now on a clearer path with greater understanding.” 

Dolores H., New York

“I was at an impasse after my engagement break-up and my huge disappointment with my church community. Claudia helped me to reframe and get moving again on my passion to pursue a second career. Because of Claudia’s no-nonsense style with me (she knew exactly how to handle my type A personality) I am now in New York pursuing my dream of becoming a chaplain. Get coached to start doing and stop wasting time dreaming!

Dawn Q., New York

“Working with Claudia was a true life changer for me during a very difficult transition period in my life. She was amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone. She is a talented and dedicated Christian life coach with a heart of gold.”

Jackie T., Colorado

Don't be left out! It's your time to discover the Keys to Sustainable JOY in your life...

TIME SENSITIVE: This FREE 5-Day Challenge Begins April 26. Register TODAY!

What to expect:

  • ~ On this 5-day creative journey, you will hear Jesus Christ speak to you and know it's Him.

    ~ Unlock access to JOY through your Right Cerebral Cortex with creative activations.

    ~ Discover the pathway to JOY, so you can find your way back when you need to.

    ~ Be activated in creative connection with Holy Spirit to discover the quickest path to JOY.

    ~ Receive the secrets to JOY that my guest collaborators will share with you.

    ~ Receive keys to unlock a JOY that is sustainable even in the midst of pain, confusion, and chaos!

    ~ Grow in intimacy with the JOY-Giver


    And even unlock your own creative journey!

    Activation Examples from Previous Members

    A time of activated creative encounters 

    From a Keys to Sustainable Joy participant shared from a creative encounter with Holy Spirit

    What does it feel like to experience JOY?

    (Includes access to Private Facebook Group to interact with me and my special guests)

    Plus...You will have the opportunity to win one of these amazing prizes!

    Prophetic Gift Cards 

    Prophetic Gift Card Package of 10, each in a cellophane bag, including envelope. The prophetic word and meaning are printed on the back of each card. Actual cards may vary.

    Prophetic Art Prints

    Reproduction of Prophetic Paintings. One print each of Gates and Foundations, painted as a set. Suitable for framing, each print measures 11” square and include a Certificate of Authenticity along with the prophetic word and meaning of each painting.

    Personal Session

    Coaching Your Heart Session with Claudia. In this one-hour session you can discover the thought patterns that keep you stuck, or lies you might be believing, as well as some prophetic insight and direction for your next steps. You'll walk away with homework or action steps to help you cement your discoveries. 

    Find Out How You Can Win A Personal Original Prophetic Painting By Claudia!